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Is your company spending fortunes on marketing campaigns targeting a wider market but still being unsuccessful in reaching the target audience? Infinics lead generation services is the answer to this question as lead generation services are designed to cater to  the business to consumer (B2C) markets. We use creative but proven tele-prospecting, customer surveys, lead nurturing, and integrated marketing services methods to cater to the requirements of targeted leads.

Telephone questionnaires are the most dynamic, relevant and powerful vehicle for lead generation. Infinics conduct over 25,000 targeted telephone marketing questionnaires monthly, producing high volume, quality leads.

Infinics offers cost-effective telephone lead generation services tailored to your specific business needs, designed to win customers and to help you to communicate more effectively with them. Our services have supported clients to develop and grow their businesses and customer base through this method of lead generation.

Our dedicated Client Services Team and Account Managers will work in partnership with you to establish an understanding of your company and your challenges, allowing us to identify and implement marketing solutions tailored specifically to your target audience. Your dedicated team will support you through the implementation of your campaign, providing a seamless transition to prevent any disruption or downtime.

You can capitalize on your telemarketing by generating an effective pipeline strategy that will give you a smarter solution for your needs.

We provide significant return on investment by supplying our clients with a steady stream of high quality opportunities.

We have been offering lead generation services for businesses of different size and form. Starting from small business owners to large corporate houses we cover a variety of industrial sectors.


Working with Infinics Technologies Limited ensures quality, compliance and host of other benefits. These include:


  • Reduced cost of sales

  • More sales volumes

  • Increased profits

  • Enhanced awareness of your product or service within your targeted market

  • Seamless representation of your services, products and company

  • Updated global prospect database

  • Reliable intelligence

  • Leverage sales team time

  • Scalability to retract or expand size of lead qualification or lead generation


If you have any queries and want to know more, feel free to reach our solution expert at    . We are committed to working as your partners to help you realize your business goals.

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